We are happy to announce a new strategic partnership between Paypolitan and SmartCredit.io!

Paypolitan is a payment and billing solution with a focus on increasing crypto usage in daily transactions.

SmartCredit.io is a DeFi borrowing/lending platform focusing on fixed-income loans, fixed-interest-rate loans, and DeFi Fixed-Income-Funds.

This partnership means:

  • Paypolitan will integrate SmartCredit.io fixed-term borrowing.
  • SmartCredit.io will integrate Paypolitan token — EPAN — as collateral into SmartCredit.io.

Why is this partnership important for SmartCredit.io?

SmartCredit.io strategy is to grow the user base. We do this via direct user acquisition and partnerships. We want our partners to integrate our credit solution and to offer value-adding services to their users.

We are very excited to announce that SmartCredit.io Release 1.1 Beta is starting. Here is the guideline how to participate in the Release 1.1 Beta:

  • Beta functionality
  • Beta registration and test tokens
  • Beta process and Defect reporting
  • Rewards pool for the Beta testers
SmartCredit.io Release 1.1 Beta

Beta Functionality

The key new functionality in the Beta are the Personal Fixed Income Funds. The passive investors can:

  • Define the rules of their Personal Fixed Income Funds
  • Submit funds into the Personal Fixed Income Funds
  • Withdraw not-invested funds from the Personal Fixed Income Funds
  • Terminate Fixed Income Funds

Additionally, there is now only one account for the Borrower…

SmartCredit.io is pleased to announce that we are joining Celo’s “Alliance for Prosperity”, a group of more than 100 key players in the blockchain space with the shared goal of greater financial inclusion and prosperity for all.

Celo Alliance — SmartCredit.io

Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

SmartCredit.io is a DeFi lending platform with focus on the Personal Fixed Income Funds for the lenders and with Low Collateral Ratio for the Borrowers.

This partnership means:

  • SmartCredit.io becomes member of Celo Alliance
  • SmartCredit.io will integrate Celo stablecoin — cUSD (Celo Dollars)

Why is this partnership important for SmartCredit.io?

DeFi lending / borrowing…

Partnership SmartCredit.io & AmpNet
Partnership SmartCredit.io & AmpNet

By the virtue of our shared core values like decentralization, global marketplace, and peer-to-peer interaction, we proudly announce our partnership with AMPnet.

AMPnet is a real-world assets tokenization platform. Real estate, investment projects, and long running investment contracts can be tokenized via AMPnet.

Along with our DeFi lending platform with a low collateral ratio for the borrowers and personal fixed-income funds for the lenders we will do the following two integrations:

  • SmartCredit.io will integrate AMPnet real asset-backed tokens as a collateral
  • AMPnet token holders will be able to monetize their real asset-backed tokens by using these tokens as collateral on…

SmartCredit.io and CryptoTask partnership

CryptoTask is a decentralized freelance market ecosystem lowering fees by directly connecting hirees and applicants. Job disputes are resolved much faster and cheaper, while users reputation is stored on the blockchain and there is no arbitrary censorship or hidden tampering, such as hidden boosting, unlike the centralized freelance platforms.

SmartCredit.io operates a DeFi lending platform with a low collateral ratio for the borrowers and personal fixed-income funds for lenders. SmartCredit.io is focusing on the fixed term and fixed interest loans. Additionally, SmartCredit.io is offering borrower and lender User Interface Widgets for integrations with other platforms.

We are very proud to…

When we released our whitepaper two years ago, we were not thinking about all problems that we may face in the future. We just knew that we will deliver, the same way as we have always done.

In the beginning, our idea was to build a credit system based on the Bitshares. However, although it is a highly scalable platform — adding smart contract logic to the Bitshares was not trivial.

So, we built and launched our Ethereum based non-custodial lending platform. However, we delivered our system quite differently compared to many other projects — we have several smart contracts…

We are now in the mainnet with our DeFi crypto lending product and we are starting in the next days with our marketing campaign too.

Our DeFi product has following key features:

1. Fixed Interest rate DeFi lending — fixed interest rate, fixed term

2. Borrowers have 2x smaller collateral requirements than other DeFi platforms

3. Borrowers to have wide choice of collateral

4. Lenders to receive loan tokens after creating loan. Lenders can use these loan tokens as mean of payment (loans are tokenized and transferable)

5. Holders will receive interest for the loan tokens (interest bearing to the…

In January 2014 we forecasted Bitcoin valuation of 10'000 USD in the Swiss CFA Charter Magazine. The value of Bitcoin reached a record high of $19,850 in December 2017. Given the hype surrounding the value of Bitcoin, what could we expect its value to be in the future?

The value of Bitcoin can be derived from the following as:

  • Store of value like gold and other real assets
  • Means of payment
  • (Future) provider of smart contracts platform for disintermediation of today’s big corporations.

Price Development

The following graph shows Bitcoin price on a logarithmic scale

Number of Users in Crypto Sphere

Most users of Bitcoin will use the…

Bitcoin is digital currency which enables instant payments to anyone and anywhere in the world.

There are many differences to other currencies:

· Other currencies are issued by Central Banks and have the role of legal tender. Bitcoins are issued de-centrally; there is no Central Bank, and they are not legal tender.

· Other currencies have some physical representations (bills). Bitcoin exists only digitally.

· Other currencies have central authorities. Bitcoin has no central authority; validation of transactions is done from Bitcoin Network.

· Monetary Base of other Currencies is continuously increased, which translates into inflation in the long term…


SmartCredit.io — Take back control over your money!

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